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My faves.


Kolther Busts! by MagikarPWN
Kolther Busts!
This is so low quality and I don't know how to fix it???????

On the other hand, have some busts! Of my own Kolthers! :D

The cute fatty is Mausoleum.
The pink cutie with her tongue out is Pocky. Changed her design to be more Koltheresque.
The black and yellow asshole is Slaughterhouse.
The green and blue one is Gravity. Changed his design to be more Koltheresque.
The night vision one off to the right is Whistleblower.
And the gray and pink meanie is Suicide. Changed her design to make her more Koltheresque, but kept her Yol striped tail, "horns" (they're really just horn-ish spines, like Jaeger's!), and specifically colored ears.

Also how to draw on MS Paint with mouse at 3 am????

Mausoleum, Pocky, Slaughterhouse, Whistleblower, Suicide, and Gravity the Koltherians; art (c) :iconmagikarpwn:
Koltherian species (c) :iconquickmill:
Avengers + Loki
81 deviations
Slaughterhouse Temporary Reference by MagikarPWN
Slaughterhouse Temporary Reference
I caved in and bought this pretty design from :iconquickmill:. ; 3 ;

Also! It should be noted that this guy has spines, a LOT of scars, and I've changed the blue markings to black! This action has been approved by :iconquickmill:!


Name: Slaughterhouse
Age: 3300 (Adult)
Sex: Male
Species Koltherian (ofc)

Body Type: Long
Height: 11' 1/2 (at his shoulders) 15' 1/2 (top of his head; he is vERY tall)
Weight: 2100 lbs. (very underweight)
Wingspan: 39' ; each wing is 19' 1/2

Location: Metasone, Aivos
Occupation: Works at one of the more popular amusement parks operating various stands and rides.

Sexual Orientation: Closet Homosexual (claims to be a Heterosexual Aromantic)
Relationship Status: Single
Mated?: Hasn't even thought about it.

Personality: Don't let his bright colored markings fool you. Slaughterhouse is a cruel, egocentric, sadistic asshole. And while that skinny, malnourished body may seem like an easy win, Slaughterhouse is known for picking (and winning) even the nastiest of fights, whether it be for money, food, or expensive things like jewelry or vintage items he can snag and sell for a bit of cash. It would be a world record for anyone to break his toughened shell. Slaughterhouse was hated and abused by his father from the day he was born to the day he moved out; he lived in fear of seeing a raised hand over his head. After moving away to a new city, he toughened up. Started smoking Sweetleaf, used money to buy Sweetleaf as opposed to food, mugged people for money, food, and things he can pawn off for extra cash, and grew his hair long so he can hide his face in shame, and anger. It also helps hide the fear that sparks in his eyes for a split second during a fight and his opponent swings.

Likes: Sweetleaf, children, fights, being a cruel bastard, and his fight victims' blood, tears, and pain.

Dislikes: His father, hands raised over his head (an irrational fear he's developed), hearing his stomach growl, leaving work, and crying (he cries frequently late at night when he's lying in bed and looking over his life).

History: As a child, Slaughterhouse was hated by his father for being born with black markings, as opposed to the light blue both parents had (his mother's side contains the genes for black markings). He was abused severely, and often went to school with wounds varying from scratches and an aching face to bruised ribs and black eyes. He lived like this until he graduated, when he moved from his parents' home in Vondale to Metasone, where he purchased (with some of the money his mother gave him as a graduation gift; his father didn't give him anything) a small apartment. The job hunting quest begun, and he luckily landed a job at a popular amusement park in the city. He love it when he first got it and (although he would never admit it) loves is now; he secretly adores seeing children and watching their eyes light up and their smiles grow as they see all the rides and junk food. But as he was walking home from his first day of work, some random Koltherian came up to him and gave him a bag of Sweetleaf. Slaughterhouse took it home, rolled one, smoked it, and it was the start of his addiction. He consumes anywhere between three to five blunts of Sweetleaf per day; before he leaves for work, during his lunch break at work, on the walk home from work, and sometimes more at home if his memories give him a hard time. The Sweetleaf is mainly what changed him; it ate up his funds for basic things such as food, so he started to mug people on the streets for money, food, or any expensive things he could pawn off for cash. He felt bad about it at first, but his shell grew and he didn't care about it anymore. After trying to mug a short, burly Kolther, who had started a fight, something Slaughterhouse was NOT used to, all of his memories surfaced and he ran home, crying his eyes out as he remembered every ounce of abuse he suffered. After his meltdown, he was changed. He didn't care about others' feeling outside of his job. He grew to bask in the adrenaline and feeling he'd get as he beats someone for their money; almost get off on it. He didn't care for food anymore (of course he still eats, but only twice a day, and usually small meals); he wanted his Sweetleaf and whatever else he could take. Years of this gives us, currently, an asshole, skeletal Koltherian by the name of Slaughterhouse. (more to be added should I think of anything)

Scars: Right arm has deep scarring around elbow joint (from when his father tried dismembering it with a chicken wire type weapon), disfigurement and nicks on top of head (all that hitting caused eventual physical damage; no brain damage has been dealt), and two slashes on the left side of ribcage.

Fun Facts:
- Slaughterhouse has several piercings; he has a septum piercing, canine bite piercings (two studs above his lip, two rings on his lower lip), dimple piercings, and tragus piercings. He wears all of them in all three forms.
- His guilty pleasures include (the Kolther equivalent to) elephant ears, peppermint tea, males with stubble, and others' pain (after fights, he will literally run home and jack off to it).
- He has not killed anyone, nor has he hurt anyone to the point of hospitalization.
- He keeps in close contact with his mother.
- Slaughterhouse finds it difficult to sleep in boxers, so he sleep in womens' translucent nightgowns. Consider it a kink.


Yay a screwed up character! :D

I actually didn't realize that child abuse is rare amongst the species. ._.' If I am needed to change it, I will! :)

While I have finished three of my now six Kolthers' temporary feral forms, I just gave myself more work with this asshole. :I
I still love him so. ; u ;

Artwork and the Koltherian species (c) :iconquickmill:
Slaughterhouse the Koltherian (c) :iconmagikarpwn:
I have probably never taken a single commission because I am a lousy piece of shit. :I

I charge $10 as a base price for let it me drawings or stories.
$5 for every added character in said picture/every chapter added to said stories.


- Always traditional. I can pixel somewhat. I have apparently misplaced my tablet pen, so-

- I use markers primarily, but if you prefer crayons or colored pencils or lineart, I am happy to oblige.

Pros: Animals; basically creatures of any kind. I excel at fantasy-like creatures, mainly dragons and the like.

Cons: Humans. I cannot draw a human to save my life. I can draw humanoid creatures; but as long as the faces, legs, and arms are more creature-like.

NSFW drawings may be available; though options are extremely limited due to my hindered ability to draw symmetrical breasts.


- Reader inserts, AU's, general fanfiction, crossovers; you name it, I can write it.

Pros: Triggering material is a topic I excel at. Though everything else is just as acceptable.

Cons: I will NOT write a piece if I am not familiar with the fandom the commissioner wants to to write a thing for. I will do general research on said fandom, however.

NSFW pieces, whether in the form of consensual sex, rape, incest, bestiality, or anything extremely kinky, will ALWAYS be available. I do not mind writing about these topics, though that does NOT mean I encourage what I write.

Waiting time: I put forth maximum effort on each piece I conjure. Though I am notorious on being a procrastinating lard ass. I also usually begin on a piece as soon as I get the request to do so.

Minimum waiting time: 2 WEEKS

Maximum waiting time: 1 MONTH


- - - - - - - - -

oh look a crappily written commission information sheet//


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I am a potato; notorious for being an ass at times.

Quite the Marvel fan, I am. Also a SuperWhoLockian.

It appears I am single once more.

Also a transgender male. I am biologically female, but I identify as male. A crossdressing male, apparently. No one can rock a chest binder and some female clothes better than me. :I

Should you be strictly cisgendered and tell me that I was born female for a reason I don't want to fucking hear it.

Strictly anti-captivity. Specifically for cetaceans and the likes of orcas.

I write fanfiction that I usually never post because I think it's shit. I've got several in the works.

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